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26, Тілець
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Особиста інформація StudioWahines
Стать Пара чоловік + жінка
Зацікавлений у Жiнки, Чоловіки, Пари, Транси
Вік 26
Зріст 5'4" - 5'6" [160 см - 170 см]
Вага 100 - 120 фунтів [45 - 55 кг]
Колір волосся Блонд
Колір очей Блакитні
Раса Європейська
Мови Англійська
Лобкове волосся Стрижка
Розмір грудей Маленький
Зад Середній
Що нас збуджує
fun interactive attitude,
Про нас
YemboRainbow is where you’ll find a group of horny exhibitionists who know what they’re doing when it comes to sex. They’re in their twenties and get off on turning their viewers on. You never know what they’ll have in store for you when you visit, but it’s sure to be a great time. Balls-deep anal penetration, sloppy blowjobs, insane group sex, wild threesomes, and steamy lesbian encounters are just the tip of the iceberg. Rather than choreograph their shows, they prefer to just go with the flow and do whatever feels good at the moment. Viewers are strongly encouraged to join in the fun. Feel free to speak up and let them know what you’d like to see them do. Not much is off-limits if ya tippin, so you can let your imagination run wild and get creative with your requests.
Що нас відштовхує
Rude behavior, and demands.
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New Camera
New Camera
A higher quality camera for steaming in crystal clear resolution
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